Common sense talking on the phone

At the time of its appearance, the telephone was a great invention and a luxurious thing. Nowadays, it is met almost in every house and those who dont’ have it, don’t meet a big problem to install it. You can have even a better option when you don’t have to install the telephone in a specific place, but you can have it with you always. I mean the cellphone, which is very used nowadays. Let us look at some rules while talking on the phone.

Introduce yourself at the beggining of the conversation

Don’t forget that the person with whom you are talking doesn’t see you and she may not recognize you. That’s why, at the beggining of the discussion, imediately after you greet that person or even before this, introduce yourself.

Ask the collocutor if he has time for a discussion

You don’t see the person with whom you want to talk, that’s why you can not know what  she is doing at the moment and how busy she is. That’s why ask if she or he  can talk at that moment. Especially when you call somebody up on a cellphone, you have to put this question.

Talk on the subject so that the conversation may be short

Talking on the phone is not so comfortable for the most people, that is why you have to make your discussion as short as possible. For this, you have to limit yourself to talk only on the subject or on the question on which you requested this conversation. Don’t make your collucotur feel uncomfortable if he needs to interrupt the discussion.

Don’t call someone up after 9 PM

This a general rule for many people not to phone after this hour. Some go to bed at this time, and other don’t, but is the time for their families and it is unpleasant to interrupt tha time a family spends together.

If you phone after 9 PM, you need to apologize

There are some situations when you don’t have to choose and you have to call someone up after 9 PM. In these cases, the first thing you have to do is to apologize for your late ring.

Choose the real discussion to that on the phone

Nothing can replace a real discussion. That is why, according to the possibilities, choose to discuss directly with people, not on the phone or through letters, etc. That is how Apostle John wrote on this topic: “I had many things to write to you, but I am not willing to write them to you with pen and ink; but I hope to see you shortly, and we will speak face to face.” (III John 13–14)

When you have a discussion with someone don’t interrupt the conversation permanently because you are requested on the phone

Tell to the persons that request to talk to you to call you later and tell them specifically when.

Turn off your cellphone when you are at a meeting, lesson, course, church, etc.

May God help us to use our telephones with wisdom and common sense for the spreading of His Kingdom..

Translated by Djugostran Felicia