Christian musicians who sing without emotions and joy

It seems inappropriate to me when I see Christian musicians singing to God without emotions. It is also inappropriate when the emotions are forced, imposed. I wonder what can cause this condition and I think the reasons may be different. However, I think the biggest reason is that these musicians are not aware of their role and the work they do for God.     

The authors of Psalm 137 were musicians from the temple in Jerusalem, who were taken into Babylonian captivity. The chains of their hands and feet and all the humiliations they suffered as slaves of war did not stop them from taking their musical instruments and bringing them to Babylon. It’s just that they hung them in the willows there, because they couldn’t sing. Their oppressors demanded songs, but the pain in their hearts and awareness of the catastrophe that had come from God over their rebellious people did not allow them to sing. But that was up to a point.  

Then, they realized that their ministry does not depend on the circumstances in which they find themselves and that they are called to glorify God wherever and whenever. Therefore, they took the harps in their hands and began to sing, saying, “If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill, may my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you, if I do not exalt Jerusalem,” (Psalm 137:5-6 NASB).

If you do not study God’s Word systematically and deeply, you cannot know the character of God or the purpose of your ministry. You cannot have a spiritual charge to fuel your emotions, especially when you are in a time of crisis. King David was a man of worship, but he was also a man of deep study of God’s Word. We have proof of this in Psalm 119, which is the longest holy song written by him and which is entirely dedicated to the deep study and knowledge of God’s Word. 

Understand how important it is for you as a Christian musician to urgently begin to study God’s Word deeply. It will bring growth and blessing in all aspects of your life and will shape your emotions both in terms of inner experience and outward manifestation. If you are not yet attending a Bible study group, look for one and attend as soon as possible. If there is no such group in your town, contact or phone + (373) 69966779 and ask to be helped to connect to a study group via Skype. May God bless you. 

Translated by Liza Bîrlădeanu