Can a woman baptize somebody?

Can a woman baptize somebody? In what way does a woman’s role differ from that of a man in the church? I have previously asked a similar question about the women’s priesthood but you haven’t replied yet. Please forgive me if I’m too persistent or if you consider that I ask foolish and ignorant questions. Thank you!

woman baptizes

The Lord Jesus gave the great commission to the disciples to go into the whole world, to preach the Gospel and to baptize those who will believe in Him. Throughout the time of existence of the Church the baptism was officiated by the ministers of the church (priest or pastors) and so it has to be today. I don’t remember any cases in the Bible where it would be specifically mentioned that a woman officiated a baptism. But there have been and there are certain situations where it is not possible to have a minister and then the baptism could be officiated by the believer who wasn’t ordained.

Richard Wurmbrand spoke about a Christian girl from Russia who, being tortured in the prison, shared the Gospel with her executioner. He believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, and when he found out that he had to be baptized, he asked her to baptize him. She refused and told him that he had to go to the ministers of the church for that. He took a pistol and asked her to baptize him right there, and she did.

As to the question you asked me before, I wrote and published the article “How to understand 1 Timothy 3:11 or about the ordination of women as deaconesses”.

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Translated by Veaceslav Crilov.