Blessed are the poor in spirit

Studiu Biblic Inductiv in Siberia

The first of the 8 beatitudes of the Lord Jesus said at the beginning of the famous Sermon on the Mount says:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3)(NASB)

What does it mean to be poor in spirit?It is a condition to enter the kingdom of heaven.It is, therefore, important to understand what it is and choose to be poor in spirit.

The following case written by the Lord Jesus in the Gospel will help us understand what it means to be and not be poor in spirit. The Savior told this parable to some who trusted themselves that they were righteous and despised others.


Two men went up into the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood and was praying this to himself: ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other people: swindlers, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week; I pay tithes of all that I get.’ But the tax collector, standing some distance away, was even unwilling to lift up his eyes to heaven, but was beating his breast, saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, the sinner!’ I tell you, this man went to his house justified rather than the other; for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Gospel of Luke 18:10-14)(NASB)

All people have sinned and lack His glory. The tax collector saw his fallen state before God and came with deep repentance which brings the total change in a human life.But the Pharisee considered himself righteous, as if God must be proud of him, although he was full of arrogance and while praying, he brought himself more hosannas than God.

What kind of person are you?Do you see your sinful condition to come to God with repentance from your heart? God save you from the conceited Pharisee’s condition.Choose to humble yourself before God, so that you may be exalted by Him at the right time.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru