Beaten, spit on and humiliated… for me and you.

I am studying the Bible course “Jesus: understanding His death and resurrection,” a study of chapters 14-16 of the Gospel of Mark. This is the day when I remember the sufferings that my Savior bore in His body.

Remember the episode in the Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus urged His disciples to watch and pray that they would not fall into temptation. He knew that the time was coming when he would be delivered into the hands of sinners. And so it happened…

Immediately after that episode, Judas Iscariot came with a band of robbers armed with swords and clubs to catch Jesus and take him to the house of the high priest Caiaphas. Judas betrayed Him with many kisses. “When Judas came, he immediately approached Jesus and said, “Teacher! And he kissed him much.” (Mark 14:45) For fear of death, the 11 disciples who were with Him were scattered, those who the day before were growing strong and were ready to lay down their lives for Him.

Humanly speaking, the Lord Jesus was left alone in front of the trial, without any support from those in whom He invested 3 years of His life.

In the house of Caiaphas he was condemned to death by all the religious leaders of his day, being blamed for blasphemy for claiming to be Christ, the Son of God. Mockery and humiliation followed… 

And some began to spit on Him, and to blindfold Him, and to beat Him with their fists and say to Him, “Prophesy!” Then the officers took custody of Him and slapped Him in the face. Mark 14:65

The prophet Isaiah prophesied about the sufferings of the Lord Jesus and described them as follows:

He was despised and abandoned by men, a man of great pain and familiar with sickness; and like one from whom people hide their faces, He was despised, and we had no regard for Him.” (Isaiah 53:3 NASB)

I sit and think about the great price Jesus paid for the sins of each of us. He, who was holy and without sin, suffered so much contempt from sinners. A love that doesn’t fit in my mind. Precisely because He loved me and sacrificed Himself for my sins, I believed in Him 19 years ago and made the decision to follow Him for the rest of my life. And I do not regret a moment for this decision.

But how do you respond to God’s love? Would you not want to receive forgiveness of sins and decide to follow Him and become His disciple? Access this page and pray with us to receive the Lord Jesus into your heart.

God bless you!

Translated by Liza Bîrlădeanu