Abstinence offers full protection against HIV/AIDS infection

Today I have read on the portal http://www.allmoldova.com a report about the summer camps organized by UNICEF, that had the purpose to acquaint the teenagers with the ways of protection against HIV/AIDS infection. I was glad to find out that the teenagers were also taught not to have premature sexual relations, at least this was written in the report. I don’t really know what the teachers ment while saying “premature sexual relations”, but if they had referred to all kind of sexual relation outside marriage, then I am very glad of their initiative.

Another good thing that made me glad of the results presented in this report is that it was nothing mentioned of the condom use. I want to believe that these people didn’t give condoms to the teenagers, in order to call forth their mind and body to immoral and premature sexual relations, that are outside marriage.

In the report it is also written that at the moment, in Moldova there are registered 3400 persons infected with HIV/AIDS and more than a half of them are between 20 and 29 years old. Moldova has the biggest rate of the teenagers infected with HIV/AIDS, after Ukraine and Russia.

I would greatly appreciate if these organizations that taught these summer lessons would have taught the youth abstinence. But, I think, how efficient is the education that they have offered, knowing that the teenagers and the youth are not offered a spiritual base, that would give them strength to abstain from an immoral life. Only through faith that comes from the Word of God, one can have a full knowledge and then, through the power of the Holy Spirit, one will be able to abstain from immoral sexual relations, that is outside marriage.

“Precept Ministries International” Association offers to those who would like to study, an exceptional manual for sexual education named “The Truth about Sex”. This course will provide the students with this spiritual base and with sufficient knowledge to abstain from immoral sexual relations and on this way, to be protected from HIV/AIDS infection.

Translated by Djugostran Felicia