About the gay parade in Chisinau or the #I’mOk march

As a representative of the organization “For the Family,” I was asked for my opinion on the march of the LGBT community organized on Sunday in Chisinau. I consider it dangerous to promote homosexuality in a society and I am worried about the future of our country, the generations to come. I invite you to read the answers I have to the questions below.

What is your organization’s position on the LGBT parade?

We are ok with all people, we love all people, because this is Christianity, this is what the Lord Jesus teaches us. With the parade we are not ok, because it is a promotion of a sinful way of life, which will change the thinking of many people, and more and more people will try this sin. Especially vulnerable are children, adolescents, young people, who are curious and can be influenced and we have heard such testimonies, we know of such cases. Homosexuality is learned. I certainly say that. Search the internet for stories of homosexuals. You will come to the same conclusion.

They demand their rights just as every citizen demands their rights. Why not do this?

They have rights, just like any citizen. They ask for more. They demand increased protection, positive measures, so-called positive discrimination, measures to promote this way of life under the umbrella of non-discrimination and human rights, and they target schools, kindergartens, etc.

In addition, even though it still invokes tolerance and non-discrimination, the LGBT community is not tolerant of those who have a different opinion, who consider homosexuality a sin. They allow themselves to speak ill of believers, to intentionally attack believers, for example the cases in America or the United Kingdom when they intentionally ask Christians to provide services through which they would trample on their faith. For example, to prepare a cake for a gay wedding with the respective inscriptions and do it viciously, intentionally, to drag people through court.

They say openly: “they just have to lock themselves in their churches, not go out in public, give up their careers, that’s all they have to do.” Marginalization and obvious violation of the rights of another minority. That is, they ask for privileges, tools to promote the LGBT agenda, but dressed in legal terms, beautiful, intelligent, in terms of human rights.

In fact, last year at the parade, the police behaved violently towards the people who went out to pray for homosexuals during the parade. They dragged them because they were on their knees and praying. Serious violations. Why didn’t the LGBT community then oppose these acts of hatred, intolerance and violence, if that’s what they promote? And especially since these people showed love for them, they prayed for them.

Are LGBT members accepted in churches across the country?

Churches are open to everyone, to anyone who wants to come and listen to the message of the Bible. Through His Word, God changes lives, gives forgiveness, gives deliverance from sins, and we have such testimonies, people freed from homosexuality. We have in our church, and we have on the pages of the Holy Scriptures, such liberated people.

Doctors say that homosexuals are born that way. What do you have to say about that?

The question is wrong. Such generalizations should not be allowed on such a controversial subject. Which doctor says that? What percentage of doctors? What medical evidence is there? As far as I know, there is no homosexual gene and considering how many sexual identities have been invented… only facebook gives over 140 options.

There are doctors who support the opposite, with arguements. So, it is a subject that you either come up with arguments, or you say is false by generalizations. I think it is good for a well-documented doctor to talk about this, who can weigh in medical terms arguments on both sides, who can show how many studies have been done on both sides, how correctly they have been done, and how objectively.

Alfred Kinsey is quoted with his studies in this field, but how much credibility should be given to his studies when over the years it turns out that he molested children in his laboratories? Should we generalize about such studies?

Isn’t the condemnation of homosexuals a message of hatred? How does hatred reconcile with the love of God?

The Bible condemns sins, including homosexuality, not man. God loves man and wants to free him from sin. The devil deceives man into falling into the bondage of sin and enslaves him and makes him unhappy: “he groans in his soul,” I quote a former homosexual. For this God came up with the solution. He sent His Only Begotten Son to die on the cross for the sins of all mankind. The condemnation that every sinner deserves before the Righteous One, regardless of the sin committed, has fallen on the Lord Jesus Christ. He was innocent, but He was condemned in our place so that whoever believes in Him and receives the gift of His forgiveness may be delivered from sin, born again, that is, receive the Holy Spirit, God in the heart, and from that moment God makes radical transformation. In a man’s life He gives him the power to say no to sin. Man actually begins to hate sin, he cannot live in sin. That’s how it was in my life. After being born again, I was repulsed by the sins I had previously committed. You can’t do them even if someone forces you to.

What does the church do to help these people?

The Church has the commission on this earth from God to speak, to preach the message of the Gospel, which is written in the Bible. We must say what is good and what is bad, what is sin, and how you can receive deliverance, forgiveness, and eternal life, so that you do not end up in the pool of fire and brimstone, which is the punishment for all who did not believe in the Lord Jesus, for those who have rejected the truth of God, who have found pleasure in sin. The Church does this by all means possible – lessons, sermons, answers, and so on.

God teaches us to love people, not to tolerate them. To tolerate means to close your eyes even if you don’t like it, you pretend you can’t see, shut up. This is indifference or maybe worse, because even with the term used it is given the idea a good deed. This means not caring about man, or society, or the generations to come, or your children, or God’s word. Christians cannot live like this. Christians have love poured into their hearts by the Holy Spirit, and this is manifested by a sincere desire for all people to come to know what the Bible says in order to be saved, to have forgiveness, not to go to hell. And Christians have always done this even if they had to do it at the cost of their lives. They spoke even when the law threatened to kill them. Only Christianity has been able to gather such a large number of martyrs, because they have the love of God in their hearts, because they do not care about their lives. Christianity means living for others and in obedience to God. To love man, to tell him the truth, to help him out of the bondage of sin, not to leave him immersed in lies and sin in the name of tolerance.

Translated by Didina Vicliuc