About the discovery of dinosaur bones from Valea Morilor

Today I and my family went for a walk to Valea Morilor Park from Chisinau. When we entered the park, we remembered that we had heard that some dinosaur bones had been discovered during the workings to renovate the lake. We noticed some persons looking at a group of people who were digging, so we came closer to find out more.

A young woman was ready to give us some information. She told us those were not dinosaur bones, but that was the skeleton of a mammoth, who had been torn up by a bigger animal, because some of his bones were 15–20 meters farther from the whole skeleton.

She also told us that that mammoth was about 6 tones and it had lived 12 million years ago. I asked her how that was set, and she had no answer to that question. I asked her maybe there was applied Carbon-14 method, that I knew as a very inexact one. Then a man approached and told me that they had used the geological layers method, i.e they judged how old the bones were according to the geological layers they had been found. People who do not believe what the Bible relates do not accept the existence of the Flood, and this makes them believe in such long periods, that are not real, but most of these layers were formed during the Flood.

There were the bones of the mandible of the mammoth near the place where we approached.

The chief of the working place, Mr. Ion Tentiuc, who is also the chief of the archaeological department of the National Moldavian Archeology and History Museum, told us interesting things. Since those bones had been found, helped by volunteers, they had been working to dig out that skeleton. They worked during the day and guarded during night, because the government hadn’t helped them at all, at least to give them a guard to help. They had also received no financial help in this regard.

Someone asked if that was true that the skeleton of the mammoth had been sold to Englishmen, but Mr. Tentiuc said that was not true.

The archaeologists were not too upset they didn’t get any help, saying that was not something surprising during the electoral company. All money was used for that.

But they hoped that after the election of the new President, they would be helped. Mr. Tentiuc said he would do his utmost that the skeleton would be kept in the Architecture Museum to see it resaturated. The Nature Museum from Berlin were interested to help for that.

When I asked who else was helping them, he showed some young men who were working there and who stayed there at nights to guard. Among them were two persons from France. who came to Chisinau for other reasons, but came there to help too. And there also came some students from the History Faculty and looked, helped a little, but no one helped financially.

Anyone who wants to help is welcome and waited. You can also call at 244324, the phone number written on the bus of the National Moldavian Archeology and History Museum.

How can you help? Going there to work you may found interesting things from scientists.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran