12 “pro” arguments to study according to inductive Bible study books.


1. The manual helps you not to deviate from the subject

The manual is like a guide taking you on a trip. When you go on a trip, with the help of the guide you can see many interesting and useful things for you, and as a result you can experience great pleasure and satisfaction after the trip. But if you go on a trip without a guide, there is a danger of getting lost in unknown places, and then something that could bring you real pleasure and satisfaction for the moment becomes trouble for you! So it is with Bible study books. The manual is a guide that helps you not to get lost in unknown places.

2. The book disciplines you to study the Bible systematically

The manual is like a clock alarm, it wakes you up every morning.

3. The book helps you to understand the method of inductive Bible study

The method of inductive Bible study is like a good “spade” that helps you to “dig” the Word of truth. But in order to “dig” effectively, you will be helped by the instructions in the manual. That is, without the instructions in the manual you will not be able to “dig” with maximum efficiency.

4. The book develops the ability to study the Bible

The book is designed in such a way that every day you are scheduled to study God’s Word. At some point, you realize that Bible study has become a way of life for you.

5.  The manual ensures a continuous process and continuous growth

Every human is permanently in a period of growth, development. In order to ensure a beneficial development process, an applied regime is needed. You can find this mode in the manual.

6.  The book ensures maximum assimilation of the teaching

The manual is composed in such a way as to ensure a maximum memorization of the studied subjects. So after studying a chapter, at the end of the study you can realize that you memorized verses, word by word, without effort!

7. In the manual all materials are already collected

The manual is like an encyclopedia, where definitions are given, and information gathered, if you use its help you save a lot of time.

8. In the book the author does not give his opinion, but you alone form your opinion based on Scripture

It is very important that the book is made in such a way that you do not find the author’s opinion in it, but you are directed to seek the truths of Scripture individually.

9. It is a method of helping others to study the Bible

Because discipleship is the command that Jesus gave us, we must obey it. The books will be very helpful in this.

10. It gives you the joy of discovering the truth of God’s Word

You will experience true joy because the truth that you will find out, you will see from the Word of God alone, and not the opinion of some people. But your guide will be the manual, which will give you the right direction.

11. The books are very applicable and personal

A great emphasis in the manual is placed on the application side. What good would it do for a surgeon who has high knowledge of surgery but does not practice surgery, would you like to be treated by such a doctor? This is exactly the case with the manual! Would you like to know only theory? It won’t help you. You need to apply what you can find in the manual!

12. The manual is yours, so you can return to it to remember the truth

The book is like a diary written in a period of time, to which you can go back and not only review the truths, but also remember the state you were in while completing this book.

Translated by Didina Vicliuc