Is it acceptable for a wife to initiate Bible study and prayer with her family?


What should I do in this situation? Every single night before going to be, I constantly have to remind my husband that we need to read the Bible as a family and pray so that the kids can go to sleep? I want him to initiate these important routines since he is the head of the household. I would love for him to remind the kids (and me) every night that we need to read the Word together and pray, having a time of fellowship with each other and with God. Thank you so much for you help.

First of all, you need to rejoice in the fact that your husband has a positive response to your initiative of reading the Bible and praying together as a family. Secondly, you need to establish a specific time every single evening when you come together as a family to read the Bible and discuss what you learn, making sure that everyone understands what you are studying. Then you need to pray together, each one having a time to pray out loud. As a wife, I know that you would like to see more initiative from your husband in this area but I advise you to rejoice in the positive response from your husband. If needed, continue initiating this time of worship as a family.

Translation by: Erik Brewer