What to do when the wife evades sexual relations?


What to do if I treat my wife well, I try to “wait on her hand and foot”, but she does not put price on sexual relationships. I need it, but this is not important for her. She always prefer to sleep or says she has a headache. I feel like a beggar who has to beg relations from his wife …

I have previously published an article on this portal What to do when your husband does not want to make love with you? (10 tips). The biggest part of this advice applies to your spouse too. I recommend you to read the article and then come back with questions that can arise or you have not received a definitive response.

I recommend your wife to read the article Do not manipulate your spouse sexually.

I advise you to find urgently two books of the Bible study on “Marriage without regrets” and study the whole course. Just yesterday, I taught a lesson from this manual at the seminar about the methods of children education. The ninth lesson of the course is entirely devoted to the subject of physical union between husband and wife.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru