Who can take the Holy Communion?


What are the premises on which one takes the Holy Communion? Can I take more holy water if I have had sex outside marriage? Is there a solution or more to take the Holy Communion?

In the modern world there is much confusion about what is and what is not the Lord’s Supper. One thing must be known by every Christian – the Lord’s Supper is a sign of the New Covenant and those who have entered into this covenant through faith in Jesus Christ may take it.

Lord’s Supper is made with bread and fruit of the vine, as written in the Gospels.

Sex outside marriage is adultery and a great sin that entails serious consequences. Whoever made such a sin must repent and that means to ask forgiveness from God and not to commit this sin anymore in the life. I have been earlier asked if someone can take the Holy Communion if he smokes. The Lord’s Supper is a judgment, so that we may judge ourselves of the sins committed willingly or unwillingly, to repent of them, to no longer do them again, but to live our lives in holiness, under the New Covenant we have entered through faith in Jesus Christ. If someone takes the Lord’s Supper in an unworthy way, i.e. without judging himself according to the committed sins and repenting of them not to do them anymore, thereby he draws condemnation upon himself. God keep us from this.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru