What to do with the things which were doled out to your husband?


I am a Christian. I believe wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ. I went to our godmother funeral and I was given an apron to her name, and I did not take it. My husband is not born again and he was a grave digger, and he was given different thing. I was not there when he was given, but I know that the one who gave them thought about the deceased. What should I, as a wife, do with those things, I know what the Bible says about this, but I want to know your opinion Thanks.

I have written two articles before and you will find the answer to the question:

Regarding to the things that your husband received as alms, they own to him and he decides what to do with them. But, it is a very good opportunity to tell your husband the truth that you will find in the articles I made reference to and the Gospel message of our Lord Jesus Christ in case he did not want to listen to it until now.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru