What stories and writings have more authority in Baptist churches?


Do the stories with John from America, Francois from France, Yamamoto from Japan, that you read and use at the services of the Baptist Churches and in your journals, have more authority than the writings of the holy prophets?

The Bible – the Word of God has the most authority in Baptist churches. The Word of God is preached at every divine service and all people are encouraged to bring with them the Bible, to read it daily, to study in Bible study groups. In addition to Sunday morning and evening services, there are also divine service during the week, there are hours of Bible study with the whole church and in small groups. Also, each family is encouraged to have discipline to study the Bible with all its members. As for the stories that are used as examples by preachers, it is their discernment what stories and quotes to use to illustrate the taught biblical truth. However, these stories or the writings of the parents of the church have no more authority than the Holy Scripture.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru