What should you know when you want to marry someone who was married?


What do you think it is important to know when you want to marry a person who has already been married? What should I expect? What should I be afraid of?

There are many things to be considered in the marriage with a person who was part of another marriage, but I consider particularly important the following:

  • The attitude that led to divorce in the previous marriage, if it has not been abandoned, it would create problems in this marriage. This should be taken into consideration before entering into marriage.
  • The wounds that were inflicted in the previous marriage and by the divorce. Avoid hitting the nail on the head, reminding those hurts, but rather seek to work for their healing.
  • You must share the responsibilities that come from the first marriage of the person you married. If s/he has children, be ready to receive the children as yours. Do not stop your spouse to fulfill the parental duty and help the children from the first marriage.

I invite the remarried readers to share their experiences and their view regarding this subject.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru