What should you do if your classmates want to copy your answers?

I received a question from a young man who wants to know how to act when his classmates ask him to copy his answers:

I read your article about cheating, and I want to ask you a question if you do not mind. What should I do when my classmates ask me to copy my answers or give them the information from my test? Is this sin? May the God of peace inspire and bless you.

What to do when classmates want to copy your answers?

If cheating is a sin and you allow your classmates to copy your answers, you take share in their sin or become a stumbling block for them. I advise you to answer in the following way when colleagues ask you to copy your answers:

  1. Tell them you believe in Jesus Christ, you made a covenant with Him, that the Holy Spirit dwells in you and that you can neither steal nor lie, neither encourage nor help those who wish to do so. Explain to them that cheating is a sin, but more than that, tell them how Jesus has changed your life and how He can transform them and if they believe in Him wholeheartedly. Also tell them that they have many other sins than cheating and the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.
  2. Tell your classmates that you really want to help them and that you can explain the lesson that you have understood so that they may understand it as well. And even so do. It is important that your classmates will se that you love them, that you want good for them and you’re ready to serve them with everything you can.

God help you so.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru