What shall a transsexual (a person who has changed her sex) do after becoming a Christian?


We know from God’s Word that sodomy (homosexuality and transsexualism) is a great sin and an abomination before God! So, a transsexual, who voluntarily decided to change his sex with the help of a surgery, sinned against both God and his body, because of his rebellion against God and his decision to choose his sex. If a transsexual repents and becomes a child of God, who transforms his mind, does he has to perform another surgery to change beck his sex as it was given by God? Thanks.

It is a difficult question and when I got it I was curious if there were such people and what they had done after entering the New Covenant with Jesus Christ. After a simple Internet search I found an article about Joseph Clause Joseph Cluse who was transsexual and was exposed to countless sexual perversions and sins. Being a man, Joseph had used hormones for a long time and then he had a sex change operation to become a woman. By the grace of God he has come to know the Gospel, received It and was released from the sin that had dominated all his life and had enslaved him for so long. After returning to Christ, Joseph decided to return to the true identity of a man, that God had given him and had his breast implants removed. Now Joseph has become a minister of the gospel and said: “I tell people I’m not going back to that dreaded identity. I’m going forward to be the man God intended me to be before the fall.”

Translated by Felicia Rotaru