What shall a girl do if she has plenty of hair on hands and feet?


I noticed that really depressed people address here in search for help, and I hope that I will find it, too, please give it to me. I have always had plenty of hair on hands and feet, more than the other girls. In my childhood adults were contented to tell me that I looked like my dad, that I was genetically transmitted a more manly character and my grandmother or mother comforted me with pity. When I grew up this became a serious problem. I would need too much space to describe the extent to which it led me to conduct in society, but for me I made conclusions long ago. I said that I was created by God and if He did so, I am not entitled to change it. And, of course, a “but” appears … I am forever condemned to no longer wear skirts in summer. Because of this I go to church only in winter or early spring, because I do not dare to wear trousers in church … Is it really mandatory for women to wear skirts to church and to limit myself very much in my clothes? Is it a sin to be ashamed when people stare at me? I know the way I look brought me many advantages: I am more conservative in dressing and I learned to respect me after, years ago, I was really humiliated. But I am afraid that I will not be quite attractive for a potential husband. I have not had any kind of relationship with any man and I am increasingly convinced that I will never have one. I wanted to know what is the church’s opinion about depilation? Would hair removal mean an act of correcting God’s creation, therefore, a sin? I ask you to advise me what should I do. I apologize if my question demonstrates ignorance of the Word of God. I am ashamed for it but I try to be a good Christian.Thanks in advance.

Before I answer this question I’d like to write that the way you write and present the problem in this post highlights the desire for a beautiful character and femininity. 

Thank God

All people have certain limitations and if we focus on them, life becomes miserable. Some have diseases, failures, family problems, relationship problems, etc. As about our exterior, our being, it is a great achievement when we come to understand that God miraculously created us. The King David writes in God’s Word this:

For You formed my inward parts;You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well. (Psalm 139:13-14)(NASB)

Meditate on these holy words and let them fill your heart with thanks and gratitude to God who created you a wonderful creature.

God will build your future and family

It is not the case to think that someone will not want to marry you. Beautiful characters do not remain unnoticed and it is God who puts mutual love into people’s hearts making them join their lives in marriage. That was the first couple and so is until today. Scripture says that God joins a man and woman in marriage and says that:

The hope of the righteous is gladness, but the expectation of the wicked perishes. (Proverbs 10:28)(NASB)

Righteousness is the highest price before God and He blesses the righteous people in all their ways.

About going to church

I have previously written articles “What attitude should a Christian have about clothing?” and “Are Christian women allowed to wear trousers?”. Read these articles and continue to always go to church, not just in winter. And if there is someone to reprove you, approach the pastor or priest and tell him of your problem and I think he will understand and encourage you. Moreover, if you live in Chisinau you are always welcome to worship God and learn from the Scriptures at ”The Good News” church services that I minister. And now, at the beginning of summer, I invite you to the camp for intensive study of English and the Bible where I will teach the  “Marriage without regrets” course for all young people wishing to build happy families in the future.

About the changing of the exterior

Depilation was not a practice known in biblical times, or at least, not mentioned on the pages of Scripture. The whole teaching of the Bible gives us no reason to believe that it is sin for a woman to remove her hair from hands or feet. If your doctor tells you that it can be a solution for your case, you are free to apply it. But do not disturb you if you succeed or not to solve the problem this way. Rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ and seek above all to work on building a character and your relationship with God.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru