What has Luther removed from the Bible the apocryphal books?

Because they are not canonical, that means they are not divinely inspired. But it was not Luther that has not removed them from the Bible. They were never part of the Bible, in the sense that they were not part of the canonical books of Scripture, because they are apocryphal. If the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church have chosen to include them in the book called the Bible together with the 66 canonical books, it is their choice. Regardless of this, the apocryphal books were never part of the divinely inspired books and both the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church have exactly the same opinion. Here the Metropolitan Vladimir, Metropolitan of Chisinau and all Moldova writes in the introduction of the Bible published in Chisinau in 2004:

The Old Testament has 39 canonical or inspired books, to which we added another 13 books and pieces of non-canonical books, uninspired, but it is good to read them, as they are edifying to the soul. . The New Testament has 27 books, all canonical or inspired. (The Bible, Chisinau 2004, p. I)

Translated by Felicia Rotaru