What does the Bible say about the marriage when the woman is taller?

This is the question received today:

It is interesting what the Bible or the life tell us concerning the cases when the husband is not taller than his wife. Would this bring a negative effect in a relationship? I date and love a girl who is 5 cm taller and all I tell me that this is fashionable now. But I want to have greater assurance in this domain and I, as a man, and she, as a girl to feel good and in this regard. Thanks in advance.

So, what does the Bible say about marriage to a taller woman?


The Bible does not speak anything on this topic, because it does not have any significance in a marriage. It is important the stature of our characters, respect and love that we are ready to share with the life partner. There is no law or any case in the Bible to say that someone had problems because his wife was taller than her husband. And then, the man who asked this question said that he dated that girl and loved her a lot, which shows that he was not attracted by her stature, but, I suppose, he was attracted by her character at first. I advise him to continue to attach much value on the girl’s character and not on human opinions, that have nothing to do with the truth in this case. I have been previously asked by readers the question What does the Bible say about marriage to a woman who is older? As long as a woman has a beautiful character, knows her role in marriage and is ready to fulfill this role nicely, than it matters too little if she is higher or older.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran