What do you have to do if you don’t want to possess a document with a personal Identification number?


Hello Pastor, the ID card in general insults the name of a person. Do we already belong to the evil one through numbers? Any Christian person should not possess any document with numbers or anything similar. Is it possible in this country to take the baccalaureate without this ID Number? What should I do in this case? I don’t have anybody in the village where I could stay permanently so that I could get rid of this code. What should I do, or who should I talk to in order to take out this requirement for the baccalaureate?


666I don’t know what makes you believe that having and ID card is an insult against the name of a person. I don’t know any biblical arguments that would uphold this. It’s impossible for a person to not possess any kind of ID card and for me this doesn’t make any sense. I know that some people are afraid that these ID cards especially the biometric once may contain the number 666, the one that God mentions in the book of Revelations. Recently I wrote an article about “The biometric passports and the number 666” in which I presented the biblical teaching about this number and why we should have no reason to believe that the biometric passports have anything to do with the number 666. I’d be curious to know the arguments that make you fear and refuse to own an ID card that contains a numeric code.  As far as taking the exam or the baccalaureate without any ID card I’m afraid that this will not be possible, but I suggest you address this question to The Ministry of Education.


Translated by: Lilia Crilov