Two Churches, One Excited Team

”We are very excited to be part of the English For a New Life Camp in July (15th to 25th)! This will be the sixth team our churches have sent over the past five years. We love Moldova and we love Jesus Christ! That is why we keep coming back. This will be our first time to go to the EFNL Camp.

This team has three adults and four teenagers from Leonardtown Baptist Church and Redeeming Baptist Church. Both churches are located in Maryland about an hour’s drive from Washington, DC. We are looking forward to teaching the “God, Are You There?” Bible study and to helping to teach English with our friends from Moldova.

We can’t wait to meet you! Please let us introduce ourselves:

Dave and Riley Walsh

Dave has worked as military helicopter pilot for over 20 years. This will be his first trip to Moldova. He is a member of Leonardtown Baptist Church.

“I’m truly looking forward to coming to Moldova and meeting all of the great young people who are eager to spend part of their summer with us.  I feel sincerely blessed to have the opportunity to share the love of God through the English language and I’m excited about learning as much as I teach at camp!”

Riley is 16 and is a high school senior. He is a member of Leonardtown Baptist Church.This is his first trip to Moldova.

“I’m extremely excited to be helping with the camp this year and meeting everyone that comes! I’m looking forward to learning more about God with the church in Moldova, and hopefully can spend some time with the younger campers while helping with the lessons.” 

Christalyn Doig

Christalyn is 16 years old and just completed her junior year at The King’s Christian Academy. This will be her first trip to Moldova.

“My favorite hobbies include volleyball, bass guitar, and hanging out with people. I love traveling to new places and making new friends.  I accepted Christ as my Savior as a 6 year old and was baptized a couple years later.  I attend Redeeming Grace Baptist Church were I play bass guitar in our Worship Band, participate in our Youth Group, help lead our puppet team, and help in our toddler classes.”

Samuel Morris

Sam just completed his sophomore year of high school. He loves sports. His favorite is soccer! Sam plays the drums and sings in his high school ensemble. In his free time he enjoys hanging with his friends and playing video games! This is Sam’s first time coming to Moldova. He is excited to serve at EFNL and see what opportunities God has in store for him. 

Amy Morris

Amy is married to her husband, Dave. They just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary! She is a mother of three children. Her daughter Abigail, who  just recently got married, visited Moldova about 9 years ago! Her son, Caleb, who just graduated from college, and Samuel who is also serving on this year’s team. Amy has been a school teacher for 26 years and enjoys serving in many ways at Redeeming Grace Baptist Church. She has been involved in missions trips in the past and worked for many summers at a Christian family camp! She is excited to meet everyone at EFNL camp and see for herself the beautiful countryside of Moldova! 

Allen and Megan Acker

Megan is 17 years old and is in the 12th grade. She loves running and softball. She enjoys reading and history. She is a member of Redeeming Grace Baptist Church. She was blessed to serve with a missions team in Thailand last summer and she is eager to see what God has in store this summer in Moldova.

Allen and his wife, Jen, have been married 18 years and are parents of team member, Megan. He serves as Associate Pastor of Leonardtown Baptist Church. Allen has been blessed to travel throughout Moldova during his previous six visits. He enjoys music, science fiction, and history. 

“Over the years I have really grown to love the people and country of Moldova! I am looking forward to seeing many of the friends I have made there over the years. The camp looks like a lot of fun and it will be wonderful to have the chance to share the love of Christ with everyone at the camp. EFNL has excellent materials for learning English and it will be fun to help others.”

God bless you!”

Leonardtown Baptist/Redeeming Grace Baptist Moldova Summer Team

We invite you at English for a New Life Camp from July 15th to 25th. You can register and ask for details at +37369966779.