What should you do if you are not satisfied with the way your local church administrates your tithes and offerings?


I quickly read over the article written about tithing and I agree that your tithe should be given to the church and is a Biblical practice for every church member. Once I started living on my own, I began tithing. I have been doing this for about 10 years now. About 2 years ago, my family and I relocated so that I could be closer to my job. We found a new church that was close to our new home. Once I became a member of the new church, I began to tithe to the new church. Over the past month, I have found myself facing a very difficult situation in the church. One committee in the church is using tithes given to the church without permission. I am worried about how the leadership in the church is administrating the tithes. I am not sure if I should continue giving to the church or seek another outlet where I have assurance that the money is being administrated correctly. If I choose the second option, then I will go against all I have been taught about tithing, yet, at the same time, I do not have peace about the way the money is being administrated in the church. I am torn and do not know what to do. What is your opinion on this subject?

The local church is a team that works together for the furtherance of the Gospel. Each person’s tithe is to be used wisely and administrated well in order to accomplish the church’s vision of extending the Gospel all around the world. All who join the church agree with the vision and work together to accomplish it.

Also, the Scriptures teach us that we, as members, are to meet the needs of those who serve us in the Gospel. This is how we honor them showing them the honor that they deserve. It would not be right to take part in this church, benefiting from the spiritual teaching and then not contribute with your tithes and offerings.

If you are suspicious of the way that the money is being administrated then you need to do as the Bible teaches. Go to the leadership and discuss with them about your fears and suspicions. Be open to what the leadership has to say. Do not be quick to make a decision without first having all of the information because you may have a different opinion once you have all of the information.

I do not know how the leadership responded to the situation, where funds were taken and used without permission but I do know that they, as leaders are responsible for confronting the mistake and resolving the problem. There must be order in Christ’s church. If people come to the church with different projects and opportunities, they need to present them to the leadership first because they are the leaders of the church and are on the front lines of the decision making process.

Translation by: Erik Brewer