Tips for wedding planners

Prepare the wedding as you would like yours to be

– Be ingenious, creative – think of games that correspond to the characters of the bride and groom. Do not copy others, but invent new games. Once the bride and groom have chosen you to be their presenter, it means that they have seen that you are creative. Think about how you can combine the colors chosen by the bride and groom with creating the desired atmosphere.

– Be responsible – don’t leave today’s work for tomorrow, time will pass too fast and you won’t be able to arrange everything nicely. So get to work as soon as you’re told you’ll be the wedding presenter.

– Ask for advice from those who have been presenters at a wedding

Ask the bride and groom what they would like the festivity to be like (what to include and what not).


Romantic – you will have to use a lot of poetry, and music that is as calm as possible. The games will again have to be adapted according to this atmosphere, games that include declarations of love are welcome.

Fun – you will have to use several funny games: funny skits in which their lives are presented after 20 years, jokes, etc. and more lively music.

Combined – you will have to combine both games and music. For example, let’s say you provide to the bride and groom or other couples some funny words with which they have to make a declaration of love, etc.

  •  What color will the bridesmaids wear and how will the hall be arranged
  • How long the festivity will last – depending on the time set aside for the festivity, plan how long each number takes so you can fit everything in.
  • What kind of games to include: with the bride and groom, with the guests, with the parents, with the groomsmen and the bridesmaids
  • If the bride and groom have prepared a surprise for their parents or a person who has influenced their lives: it can be a word of thanks, a song, a poem.
  • Which band the bride and groom prefer to play. It is important to coordinate with the group of singers how many songs they will sing, and what kind of songs.
  • What songs do they prefer to hear – if the bride and groom have any preferences about the songs
  • If any of the relatives have any wishes
  • When will the bride’s cake be cut? – There are brides who prefer to serve the cake at the end of the festivity, others do not. Ask exactly when and how they prefer this event to be.

Follow some reference points

  • Introduction (groom and bride’s entrance)
  • The main part: songs, skits, powerpoint presentations, games with the guests, with the bride and groom, etc
  • The ending

Do not forget that the entrance of the bride and groom and the end of the festivity are the most important moments during the whole celebration, people remember them very well, so if these two were amazing and impressive, then the celebration will be successful.

Arrangements are not made right before the festivity, but long before. Everyone must know when it is their turn to speak, otherwise there will be chaos and the festivity will last much longer than expected.

Be prepared for surprises – there will always be people at the last minute who want to say something, sing something, so reserve time for the unpredictable.

The wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a couple, it is long awaited, full of charm and unique. So everything you prepare will remain in the history of that family.

God bless you with much wisdom!

Good luck!

Translated by Ina Croitoru