The Theory of Evolution – a diabolical lie used to pervert the human being

Some time ago I read an article on the portal named “The speed of a sperm cell determined the monogamic model of human coupling.” Here I have written some things I have noticed after reading that article.

What is the relationship between the motility of the sperm cells and monogamy or polygamy?

I couldn’t understand from that article how these things go together. Especially, that man is not any part of a category lists when it comes to spermatozoon motility. And then, why they have not done a study on other animals such as rabbits, lions, elephants, swans, etc. to see what are these animals’ spermatozoons motility and even if a certain speed determines whether animals are mono or polygamous. It is a diabolical lie and because they want to gain people’s minds, they put a stamp from the beginning, declaring that…

Researchers from the University of San Diego and Irvine have found evidence … 

How banal this “evidence” is…

Then, they tell that human sperm motility is placed between that of a species of monkeys that are monogamic and others that are polygamous. What do they want to obtain through these great scientists? To provoke the sinful nature of the readers and make them accept monogamy in their minds and thus accept divorce, remarriage, and, God save us, one day we wake up with some “leaders” and “heads of parties” that will include polygamy in their electoral platforms. They will “create” their election platform on such “evidence”.

God instituted monogamic marriage  when He said at the creation of the man and the woman:

For this reason a man (singular) shall leave his father (singular) and his mother (singular), and be joined to his wife (singular); and they shall become one flesh.(Genes 2:24)(NASB)

Do not be deceived by “great discoveries” of these “great scientists”, nor by those who promote these ”discoveries” by articles or through lessons at school, etc. The theory of evolution is a diabolical lie intended to degrade and pervert the man. Do not believe it so that you may not become one of the victims.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran