The study of the I Epistle to Corinthians from Surduc

Today is the the second week of the session that takes place at the Inductive Bible Study Euro-Asiatic Institute Center from Surduc, Timisoara, that is in Romania. The couple Mia and Costel Oglice, the directors for Eurasia of the Precept Ministries International mission teach the Paul’s I Epistle to Corinthians to the students that came from many counrties. More than 20 partcipants went from Moldova this year, most of which are teachers of the institute.

surduc-sesiunea-1-corinteni-februarie-2008 123

At the same time, another group of students study principles of Church growing according to the Epistle of Paul to Philippians.

surduc-sesiunea-1-corinteni-februarie-2008 181

It concided with the children’s winter vacation, that’s why those who wanted to learn English had the chance to do it according to “English for a New Life” book, that is based on the Gospel of John. There were opened two groups, and those who have studied English previously, now learn it in an advanced group.

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At the same time many students that wanted to begin to study English now came and and they began to study it in this vacation.

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It is a great joy to see wishful people to study the Holy Scriptures.

Translated by Djugostran Felicia