The power of resurrection in our hope

When I was 9 years old my mother died. It is so hard even now to remember that day when I realized that my mother …died… I could not believe that she did not exist anymore, as we were taught in the school. I could not accept that I would never see my mother again, because the Word of God says that He has set the eternity in our hearts. In public schools, in the Soviet Union, we were taught atheism every day, but with all their efforts, it was impossible to remove the eternity, the longing for eternity from our hearts. At the death of my mother I felt like in front of a big iron wall which stopped the course of my life and that there was no more future for me.. no future at all…

When I was 20 years, I came to Christ and I was born again. Some of the relatives who were of age, but were nominal Christians, told me: “You should not be a fanatic, but like all other Christians… moderate in your faith…” When I told them that I wanted to be with Jesus and spent the eternity with Him, they said: “Do you really believe that there is resurrection and eternal life?” Yes, I really believed that I and my life were totally changed. I got a REAL HOPE!

As a pastor, I preached at the first funeral service when two babies died at their birth. The young parents of those babies had a big sorrow and we, all the church shared the same feellings. The parents said: “We thank our God for giving us these children and for taking them to Him. We know where they are and we are looking to meet them when the time will come.” Their hope brought a big comfort to them and to all of us.

Today, in the morning, if you live in a Christian nation, or if you have Christian friends or neighbours, they will greet you: “Christ is risen!” Do you know that He is risen indeed? Do you have hope for your personal resurrection?

If you don’t have this hope, today is the opportunity to believe in Jesus and accept Him as your Savior and Lord.

If you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, then praise Him, serve Him and thank Him for the hope we all have in Him!

Together with my wife Nastica and our children Tica, David and Daniel, we wish you a blessed Easter!