The Parliament restricts the law of smoking in public places

On the 14th of December, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted a law, that stipulates that there will be reserved special places for smoking in public places.

This is a very wise and good law. It is well known that the cigarette’s smoke causes more damage for those who are nearby than to the smoker itself. These days I was told a story how the wife of a smoker died of pulmonary cancer, while he lived some more time. We can not admit to destroy people’s health in public places.

Some time ago I had to have my daily lunch in a cafe, that was near my working place. Wherever I went, it was so much smoke, that it was impossible to stay there and when I went out from the cafe, my clothes smelled as I was the one who was smoking too.

The fact that this law was adopted is a good reason for each of us to thank the deputies and the president of the Parliament, but also to ask to be more radio broadcastings and TV programmes, articles in the press, that will make people aware of the danger of smoking.

Translated by Djugostran Felicia