The Lord Has Changed My Life!

Immoral, drunkard, heartless, harlot. These are the words that described who I was to the very core before I repented and made Jesus Christ the Lord of my life. I was so cold inside that the saddest story or event wouldn’t even faze me. I used alcohol as a numbing device to drown out the loneliness and sadness in my life. Then, in 1994 in the bedroom of my home, I cried out to the Lord and ask Him to forgive me of all my sins. I asked Him to come into my heart and to be the Lord of my life. I thanked Him for dying on the cross to pay the price for all of my sins, and for rising again to fulfill the Scriptures. After that, I didn’t want the things I used to want. I didn’t want alcohol or immoral relationships. I wanted desperately to study my Bible. But I would read my Bible and be very confused. I would attend Wednesday night Bible study at my church, and leave feeling like I hadn’t learned anything. Much But the Lord was at work. And in 1998 after graduating college, I went to work for a local accounting firm. There I met Brad Stutler and his wife Terri. They introduced me to Precept Ministries and Inductive Bible Study. I learned more about the Lord and His word in the first class I attended than I had in the previous 3 years combined. I absolutely came alive! And the word was powerful. It was a teacher to me, guiding me in decisions, correcting my behavior and encouraging me in my Christian life. In 1999, I attended training to become an Inductive Bible Study Leader and started teaching that next spring. Since then, I have taught Bible study along with my husband Chris to adults and teenagers in the community where we live. We love the word of God because we have seen how it transforms the lives of those who know the Lord and love His word. Currently, we are beginning a new Bible study on the life of Abraham, we are working to bring Bible study to our local high school, and we are working along with our brothers and sisters in Christ to spread the gospel in
Moldova. Our prayer is that one day soon we will offer study camps similar to those in Moldova and throughout