The history of the biggest Taekwon Do club from Moldova

Stolas Leukas Club is one of the biggest Taekwon-Do clubs in Moldova. For 15 years they were training the people in the schools and other places and they didn’t have a place for training, although they have many disciples even from other countries. In September 19, 2012, the Stolas Leukas Club opened a sport hall in Chisinau. The director of the club is Vasile Filat, Black Belt 6 Dan in Taekwon-Do.

All the coaches have high degrees in the Black Belts 1 Dan, 2 Dan, 3 Dan, 4 Dan. The Stolas Leukas Club cares about its coaches, they are trained 3 times per week by the director Vasile Filat.

The club offers now trainings for Taekwon-Do, Fitness and Kickboxing. The club got this year the European Champion (2013).

There is a possibility to participate at the trainings in the same time with the children, in this way parents can come and go with the children together and have parallel trainings. You can use the equipment of the club during the trainings if you don’t have yours. Every two months the club organizes closed sport competitions in order to select the best sportsmen to send them at international competitions.

Stolas Leukas club prepares sportsmen at the spiritual aspect also, teaching them Bible Study. In order to get the certificate you have to pass exam from the three parts: spiritual, theoretical, fight and tools part.

Last year the club opened the International Sport Coaching School “ISCS”, that includes Taekwon-Do and football. They have there more than 80 student from 15 countries.