Take a quiz to find out whether you are or not a homophobic

Because several times I declared my opinion on the abuses that gay organization from Moldova and other organizations that promote their so-called “rights” continue to make, I was often called “homophobic”, just as they call everyone who do not share their views.

Today I received an email invitation to do a test to find out whether I am or not a homophobic.

The test results showed that I AM NOT A HOMOPHOBIC:

46   –   Your score rates you as “non-homophobic.”

In his 1996 study of 64 white, male college students, Dr. Henry Adams classed 29 participants as “non-homophobic.” Their mean score was 30.48. This is not conclusive, however. Dr. Adams, the researcher who helped develop this scale, writes that “a major difficulty of this area of research is in defining and measuring homophobia.” Elsewhere, he cautions: Since there is no universally accepted definition of homophobia, the scales currently in use may not measure all aspects of homophobia.

The test is accessible to anyone. I’m curious what results the promoters of so-called “rights of sexual minorities” would have if they test their attitude towards Christians and people who do not share their opinions. Does anyone know such a test?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru