Taekwon-Do, Bible Study camp in Chisinau 2

Teachers enjoyed the second day of Taekwon-Do camp at “Stolas Leukas” Club in Chisinau. They taught the children and learned from them, too. Three children taught me a lot of Romanian words and I had a very good time with them.


Children have learned about the consequences of disobedience and what to do when difficult times come because of the disobedience. They understood that God can save and help when we ask Him in prayer.


We prayed, played interesting games, completed the Bible study course, and had our lunch at a canteen.



Also, we had an English lesson, outside games, Taekwon-Do training and after the second part of the Bible Study we showed dramas about the studied subjects.


We had an interesting day, both the children and the teachers. Thanks to God for this day!