Spreading the Gospel through Soccer, Taekwon-Do and Wrestling

Last Sunday, the Taekwon-Do Club «Stolas Leukas» along with the soccer club «Tintasii» organized a great sport festival in Pascani community of Hincesti district. The two villages Pascani and Pereni make one community, and together they have about 1500 residents. This community is located about 60km from Chisinau, but as the people told us, nobody ever think of them. The soccer teams of Pascani and Pereni villages participated and played with «Tintasii» Lapusna.
The «Tintasii» team participated at this festival with the kids of 13 years old, and by their attitude during the mach the won the sympathy of the audience. The maches were very interesting, and as we were to expect, the Pascani team won the game, made up of the members of «Tintasii» team. The team from Pereni won the title of the best soccer player. They received a soccer ball from Tintasii team and also a Bible, and they very emotioned and surprised when received the Bible.

A great surprise offered us the sportsmen of the taekwon-do club Stolas Leukas, who showed a fight demonstration, and they were very much applauded. After Demonstration the vice-president of this club, Mr. Sergiu Filat, spoke about the benefits he had and still has from the moment he started to practice this sport. And the greatest benefit is the he overcame the bad things that had great pressure in his life. This thing was possible only after he studied the Word of God under the teaching of Mr. Vasile Filat who saw the value of each of the sportsmen, and got involved in their lives.

The festival continued with the wrestling for the rooster. All of us saw very nice wrestling , and the surprise came from a soccer player,who won the rooster. Both of the finalists received Bibles. The festival ended the wrestling for the ram for the seniors, and I’d like to mention that all of the participants were very well trained. Before the final sparring, Sergiu Filat came with a message of encouragement for people present there, and he encouraged them to live according to God’s will, and that we should fight against evil, and always do good. And we can live a beautiful life only if we accept The Lord Jesus as Master of our life. This truths we find in the Book of Books, the Bible. And many people asked for the Bibles. An old man, after he received a Bible, began to cry and he said that in his 70s this is the first Bible, he never had a chance to buy one, and he said, that from now on he’ll read it.

All those who were present at the festival had the possibility to listen to how God changes lives, and we believe that very soon people from this communities will live the Bible as it is written.

Radu Blendarencu