Is it allowed to a woman to have sexual relationship with her husband who is divorcing her?

Question :

My husband and I are in the process of divorce which he requested.  He is currently in a relationship with another woman, but occasionally he wants to have sex with me. Although he swears that he doesn’t have sex with her, he says that he loves her and he remains almost every night to sleep to her, goes out on dates with her and even went with her on vacation and spent time together. He says that they have discussed and reached an agreement not to have sex until the ending of divorce procedure. Is it sexual immorality if I’ll sleep with him? Is it allowed to have sexual relationship if we are still married, until the ending of divorce procedure?

disgruntled-couple-in-bedWhat is your husband saying and doing looks like a total naughtiness and abomination. Do you think he can go with that woman on vacation, sleep home at her every night, saying he loves her and doesn’t have sexual relations with her?

The advice I give you is to tell him categorically that as long as he has the intention to divorce and go with another woman you can not and you will not have sex with him. Is he treating  you  as an object without soul or as a prostitute that has not to be paid? Reading what you have wrote me and how you said he talks with you it seems that he managed to manipulate you in a naughty way and manipulates you also when he is asking you to have sexual relations with him.

Tell him that if he doesn’t break any relations with that woman, if he does not repent of his sin and does not return to you with all his heart you can not have any sexual relationship with him because it tramples you and the marriage covenant established by God.  Do not allow him to do this thing with you. In what depends on you do not allow him to treat you so. May God give you strength to pass through this trial and heal your soul and give you His salvation.

Translation by: Bârlădeanu Eliza