What do you do when objects in your room move on their own?


I received a miniature statue of the Virgin Mary from a Catholic nun. I placed it on my dresser in my room and a few days later I noticed that it had moved to the opposite of where I had placed it.  Please believe me. I am not lying. The same thing happened again a few days later and then again a few days after that. I noticed it once again today. When I see it, I begin to shake uncontrollably from head to toe. I do not understand the meaning of this. Is there a spirit that wants to help me change my life? I admit, I have been a slave to masturbation. Last night I had a discussion with one of my friends about this subject and then today, I saw that the object had moved. Could a spirit cause this movement to happen? If this is all really happening, what does this spirit want from me? Can you please help me because I am worried? Thank you in advance.

There could be an evil spirit causing this statue to move in this situation and through fear, you are being controlled. It may be a good idea to remove the statue from your room. One thing that you must understand is that this statue cannot help you with your relationship with God. If you leave it or take it out, it does not matter because nothing like this has a connection with God. I would advise you to get your hands on a Bible and read It very carefully. Begin in the New Testament and ask God to speak to you through His Word and pray that the Holy Spirit will give you understanding so that you will understand what salvation is. Seek to enter the New Covenant through Jesus Christ so that you can be forgiven and all of your sins washed away (including the sin of masturbation). You will receive the gift of eternal life. May the Lord help us.


Translation by: Erik Brewer