How come Parents don’t bring their children to church anymore?


Can you please write an article on something that has been bothering me concerning bringing children to church! I think it’s a “virus” or something: parents bring their children to church and bless them, but then, as they get older they don’t bring them to church anymore, and they also don’t go to church themselves. As a mother of 4 , I know the importance of bringing them to church from an early age. Thank you!

It grieves me seeing how many parents don’t bring their children to church anymore, and don’t come to church themselves. I know it’s not easy to be a mom and to care for your children, but I’m certain that it wasn’t any easier back in the days. But then, mothers knew how important it was to go to church and bring their children along.  They would go through cold and frosty weather, rain, snow, and walk far distances just so they could worship God together with the family, and teach their kids about holiness and how to be godlier, through constant worship.

Familie in Biserica

The Bible tells us about Timothy, how his father was Greek and his mother, Eunice, was Jewish. Timothy’s mom and Grandmother Lois, taught him the Word of God at an early age; that’s why he had a beautiful character and God used him with power. Paul met Timothy at the church in Lystra.

In the last century, around year 60, the communist leadership of the Soviet Union passed some laws which forbade children to go to church. They did that because they wanted to prevent children from growing in holiness and they wanted them to lose their faith. But then, the parents would bring them to church secretly and the children would secretly go to church by their own free will to worship God and they did not lose their faith! Today, parents don’t even care to bring their kids to church anymore. Later, the parents will cry when they will realize that their kids don’t go to church anymore and don’t have the desire to follow our Savior’s teachings. The parents will cry, but they won’t be able to change anything, it will be too late because they ignored Gods advice, which says:

Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4)

It’s also important that in the middle of the church service, mothers watch their children to ensure that they’re taking part of worship and that they are not outside walking around and playing with other kids. Every time I’m invited to preach in small villages I’m impressed to see how the children listen carefully to my message and they participate in worship through songs and prayer.

May God help us understand how important it is to bring our children to church and teach them how to truly worship through our examples and teachings. 

Translated by: Diana Chistol