Online training for teaching children

Do you want to learn how to reach children from your town and country for Jesus? Would you be ready to do everything to see them disciples of Christ and living their lives for the Kingdom of Heaven? Then for sure you will be interested in the training next week (May, 4-7) on ZOOM.

It is our joy to invite you to join us for the training course of Precept Leader Academy, set up for those who want to learn Biblical leadership, how to more effectively teach others the Word of God, how to start Precept Study groups and how to see and use the opportunities that are around them for making disciples.

Precept Leader Academy has the purpose to raise up mature leaders who have solid Biblical, strategic thinking and understanding of ministry, evangelism and discipleship, and who will be well equipped to reach different groups of people in their nations.

The intensive program will include practical training and daily tests, with an exam on the last day of the course. Practical assignments will be set for reaching people, allowing you to put into practice what has been learned. I will give you practical advice and training on how to use social media for evangelism and discipleship and how to reach children and their parents with the message of Christ.

You will be trained how to reach children, engage them in studying the Word of God and how to make them to love to become disciples of Jesus. You will learn how to teach to children the inductive bible study course  “Wrong Way Jonah”.

Due to the current pandemic, this course will be run via ZOOM on the following dates:

4th –7th May 2020 ( Mon –Wed 2pm—5pm & 6pm—9pm, Thur 2pm — 5pm ) (Western European Time, UTC +0)

In order to attend you will need a computer device with video camera and mic. Details of how to join a Zoom meeting and the link required to do this will be sent to you on booking. To book send an email at info @

You will need to send at the same address a recommendation letter from your pastor.

May you invite your friends who are teaching to children? Of course! Send them this information.

How to get the book? Order a copy here.

Jesus told His disciples that it was not right to disregard children. (Matthew 10:13-16). Why Christians continue to neglect children today?