Is a newly baptized believer allowed to listen to and recommend rock music?


Can a Christian, who was just baptized three months ago and claims to be born again, listen to and recommend rock music such as “Tokio Hotel”? Thank you for your help.

It is possible if the person is naive to the dangers. I have noticed that many who are passionate about music, listen to songs and do not pay close attention to the actual words of the songs. Keeping in mind that this person is newly “born again” and is a baby in his faith who needs to grow to maturity through the study of the Holy Scriptures, I assume that this person listens to this music and recommends it because he likes the melody, especially if he likes hard rock.

I do not know much about this group that you mentioned, “Tokio Hotel“, but I did discover that one of their albums is called “Devilish”. It is a well known fact that many who produce hard rock music promote, directly or indirectly, demon worship, leading people to turn against God. I do not know if this is the motivation behind the above mentioned group but there is probably a reason that they named their album the way that they did calling it “Devilish”. I admit that I do not know much about the group or the message that they promote. If anyone knows anything about the group and what they promote then I invite you to write down what you know in the comment section.

If you do know the message promoted by the songs, that is, if there is something that is counter faith or something that is incompatible with Christian living then you need to go and speak to the above mentioned person who has been recently born again. Take the Bible with you and study with the person, helping him understand the dangers of exposure to such music and message.

God teaches the following in His Word:

22 abstain from every form of evil. (I Thessalonians 5)

May the Lord help us.

Translation by: Erik Brewer