Mother Teresa – a Christian missionary from a Muslim country

Coming to Albania to teach an inductive Bible study course to Biblical School of Erseka, I was surprised to see at the entrance of the airport that Tirana airport is called Mother Teresa.

Being under Ottoman authority for five centuries, the Muslim population of Albania represents 70%, while Christians are only 30% (20% Orthodox and 10% Catholic). This made me further appreciate the impact that Mother Teresa had, that was admitted by all her fellow citizens.

On leaving the airport area I saw a beautiful monument dedicated to Mother Teresa.

Monumentul Maicii Tereza în Rugăciune din aria Aeroportului din Tirana, Albania

This woman of God, being still young, totally devoted her life to Christian mission and she lived it very beautifully. I think that she thought the least about what people would remember about her after she left the earth, but by the way she had lived, she left such a great example worthy to be followed. The glory that Mother Teresa will have in heaven surpasses more, much more the one that she now has in her country and in the whole world.

What are you doing with your life? If you are a Christian, what is the role of mission in your daily living?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru