Moldova’s team went to the Euro-Asian Taekwon-Do Championship in Cyprus

Together with the Taekwon-Do team, I went today to the Euro-Asian Taekwon-Do Championship, that takes place on the island of Cyprus.

Departure Taekwon-Do Championship in Cyprus

There were the next five athletes with whom I departed from Moldova: Gennady Bitco, Sandu Aprodu, Maria Sofianu, Gennady Curbet and Tudor Rotaru. In Istanbul we met with Aleksey Tentiuc who came from Nepal where he taught a course at the Biblical Institute in that country and went on with us to Cyprus to participate in this championship. Pray with us for the success of our participation in the championship, to be and to bear a beautiful Christian witness to all participants and organizers. At the championship in July 2010 in Almaty city, Kazakhstan, God has blessed us with a great victory and being with a team of eight athletes we returned home with 31 medals.

Once we got to Istanbul we studied a lesson from the course “Being a disciple, counting the real cost!” by Kay Arthur and Tom and Jane Hart. It is a very interesting and motivating study.

Departure Taekwon-Do Championship in Cyprus

And because tomorrow is Wednesday once again, let us fast for the future of our country, to pray to God to bless us after the elections of November 28 with a wise government that respects the freedom of every man, so that we can have a peaceful life.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru