Missionaries are back home from Nepal

After four months of mission in Nepal, our missionaries Valentina Stepaniuc and Tatiana Colesnic are back home.

Last summer, when I was with our daughter Tika in Nepal and I was teaching the session of the Inductive Bible Study Institute from this country, I met with Chijioke Akuneziri who insistently asked to send as missionaries teachers of English to prepare local teachers. Valentina and Tatiana, being teachers of English for a New Life school, were willing to go in this mission. It took a long time to have gathered the necessary resources and I bring many thanks to all who have made effort and sacrificed money for this project.

On January 15 Valentina and Tatiana went on mission and once they came there, they began intensive training for teachers. They managed to prepare 50 teachers, many of whom were students of the Theological College. They also taught English to 45 students and 15 children from the orphanage.

Being there, we have entrusted them to teach two sessions of the Inductive Bible Study Institute, and there came 53 students from Kathmandu and from other farther locations.

A great achievement for the short term is that the missionaries managed to translate the EFNL book in Nepali language and printed it for the groups that were created by the teachers trained by them.

During their stay in Nepal, the missionaries were invited to teach Inductive Bible study seminars in many churches, where over 2000 believers have participated.

Last Sunday Valentina and Tatiana shared a beautiful testimony to “GoodNews” Church (Bunăvestirea) and all remained deeply moved by what they had heard, and in the end many young people came to tell me that they wanted to go on mission.

Let us pray together for the spreading of the Gospel in our country, in Nepal and in any place where people do not know yet about the salvation offered by the Lord Jesus.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru