Let us learn Common Sense 4

Let us look at the second proverb of the wise man Solomon, and see what we can learn about those who have common sense and those who do not have it. As we learn about common sense, maybe you will see some things, some areas of your life where you are lacking common sense or at least you need to make an improvement, then I would advise you to apply what you are learning as soon as you learn it and you will immediately begin to reap the rewards. This article will teach us about common sense in relationships with others, especially our teachers, which will give us great benefits and keep us safe on a day to day basis. Solomon goes on to say this, “My son, if you will receive my words And treasure my commandments within you, Make your ear attentive to wisdom, Incline your heart to understanding; For if you cry for discernment, Lift your voice for understanding; If you seek her as silver And search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will discern the fear of the LORD And discover the knowledge of God. For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding. He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk in integrity, Guarding the paths of justice, And He preserves the way of His godly ones. Then you will discern righteousness and justice And equity and every good course. For wisdom will enter your heart And knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; Discretion will guard you, Understanding will watch over you, To deliver you from the way of evil, From the man who speaks perverse things; From those who leave the paths of uprightness To walk in the ways of darkness; Who delight in doing evil And rejoice in the perversity of evil; Whose paths are crooked, And who are devious in their ways; To deliver you from the strange woman, From the adulteress who flatters with her words; That leaves the companion of her youth And forgets the covenant of her God; For her house sinks down to death And her tracks lead to the dead; None who go to her return again, Nor do they reach the paths of life. So you will walk in the way of good men And keep to the paths of the righteous. For the upright will live in the land And the blameless will remain in it; But the wicked will be cut off from the land And the treacherous will be uprooted from it.”

  1. A person with common sense has a close relationship with his teacher. Solomon speaks to his son, of course as a son, but also as a student whom he is passing on his wisdom. In order to show that you have a good relationship with your teacher you must put forth effort to learn. Receive the words of your teacher. Do not automatically think that you are wiser than your teacher. It is not by chance that he is the teacher and you are the student. Pay attention to your teacher. Show him respect and the fact that you care to learn his message by being attentive during class. Try to understand the subject, even if it is a difficult one to understand. Incline your heart to understanding or in other words put forth effort by doing some extra studies if needed, whatever it takes. Cry out for discernment, or in other words ask questions when you do not understand or if you did not catch something then go to the teacher for help. The teacher will respect your sincerity and help you. Seek to learn from your teacher the way that people seek for silver and hidden treasures. America was founded because people were searching for hidden treasures and this is the type of motivation you should have when studying under your teacher.
  2. A person with common sense will be blessed with knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom and knowledge are different by the fact that you can have knowledge and yet not have wisdom. Wisdom comes through the application of knowledge. Many people have knowledge about God but truly wise people are the ones who put that knowledge to practice by being obedient to God. If you have a good relationship with your teacher and seek to learn from him then you will receive knowledge which you can apply and turn it into wisdom. If you have wisdom and knowledge then they will protect you in life, keeping you out of trouble that others will not be able to avoid because of their lack of knowledge and wisdom. For example, people without wisdom may hear things like “safe” sex by using condoms and believe that they will be protected from diseases and problems if they “protect” themselves with a condom. That person will wake up and realize that he has been deceived, but only after it is too late and he has been infected with a disease or has impregnated someone etc. A person with wisdom will not be deceived and his understanding will protect him because he will know that the only form of “safe” sex is when it is experience in marriage only.
  3. A person without common sense has bad relationships with others. Because he does not have a good relationship with his teacher, he does not listen to his teacher, and does not have knowledge or wisdom he is described as an evil person. He speaks perverse things. He does not know how to communicate with others using respect. This reminds me of some people who write on a blog spot. Several of them are open homosexuals and they have the most perverse language I have ever seen. No matter what they talk about, they turn into something perverse by the language that they use. It is interesting that the more education a person has, generally speaking, the cleaner his language is and the less educated he is the more perverse his language is. He walks in darkness; everything around him is wicked, evil. He takes pleasure in doing evil and rejoices in perversity. There is one homosexual on the site who turns everything into sexually vulgar talk and enjoys it tremendously. A person who lacks common sense also has crooked paths, meaning that he is not honest in his actions, no matter what he does. He is also devious (deceptive) in his ways. When writing on the above mentioned blog spot it is amazing to see how deceitful people can be, changing what you say, of course on purpose, trying to use it against you.
  4. A person with common sense will avoid the “strange” woman. She is called “strange” but actually she is described as a harlot/adulteress. A man without common sense will be deceived by her because of her flattering words. He is not protected by knowledge or wisdom and follows this strange woman. He does not realize it but this strange woman with her flattering words will be his demise. Her paths lead to death and the place of the dead and those who follow her will have no escape, only doom and destruction. I have seen so many young men follow this path that leads to the strange woman and end up looking 20 or 30 years older after just a few years of being with her. I always wondered why they fell for the trap and now I know, they reject the teachings of the Word of God and do not have knowledge and wisdom to protect them.
  5. A person with common sense will have a good name. He will walk in the way of good men. Why? Because he sought after knowledge from his teacher and used that knowledge to gain wisdom, avoiding the “strange” woman and being protected from evil people. He walks down the paths of righteousness. Righteousness means being correct, especially in your relationship with God, doing what God wants, being obedient to Him. He is able to live in the land and prosper even when the wicked are uprooted and cut off. As I look around in Moldova I see that over one million people are outside of the country for one reason or another. I am not saying that all of them are evil and the reason that they are outside the country is because they are being punished by God but it is interesting to think about the fact that people forgot about God for over 70 years, trying to erase Him from memory and now we have arrived at such times in the beautiful country when it inhabitants cannot live here. Then I look at the people who have a good name, who fear the Lord, and serve Him and see how they are able to live in the land and prosper when others cannot, maybe God is keeping His Word, even in our day and time!

Let us follow God’s advice and have common sense, building good relationships with our teachers and those around us so that we will live in the land and prosper, having a good name and respect from others. Following the advice of common sense will help rid the country of evil and allow all of the people to live in the land and prosper. Will you do your part?