Learn how to be a leader after God’s heart

This week I studied the course “Rising to the Call of Leadership” by Kay Arthur, David &BJ Lawson I want to reccomend it highly to all the leaders. 



It has 6 lessons and is designed to be studied in small Bible study groups. Every lesson will take 40 minutes of study and there is no homework. It takes you through the book of 1 Samuel and especially to see how three leaders, Samuel, Saul and David acted and what was the result of their choises and work. It shows the importance of every leader to learn to be obedient to God in every detail and to always please God and not men. It also shows how important it is for every leader to learn and practice repentance. Only repentance keeps us to the call of the leader. 


I want to study this course with all the leaders of English for a New Life School in Moldova and I hope to have this possibility soon. As soon as it will be translated I want to study it with the church stuff and with all the leaders of the ministry God entrusted me. I highly reccomend all my friends to study this course and to do it together with the leaders who are working with you in the same team. It will bring a lot of growth to each of them and will make your ministry much more efficient, and, most important, pleasant to God. May God bless you!