Is the marriage of brothers with cousins allowed?


I have a cousin who for more than half of the year is in a serious relationship with a boy. This boy has a brother who is also in a serious relationship with the cousin of my cousin. Is it allowed for these two cousins to marry with these blood brothers? Please, answer me. Thanks in advance.

The chapters 18 and 20 of the book of Leviticus present a list of blood relatives whose marriages are forbidden by God. According to the commandments from this chapters the persons of the relationship described above wishing to enter into marriage are not blood relatives to each other (I refer directly to those who get married) and their marriage is allowed by God. To have a personal conviction I urge both brothers and cousins to read again the passages from the Scriptures and to start as soon as possible the Bible study course “Marriage without regrets” to learn how to build a happy marriage. If you live in Moldova, or if you can come to Moldova, I invite you to the camp from July 15 to 24, 2010 where I will teach this course and where we will also study English.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru