Is remarriage permitted to the one who divorced before entering the New Covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ?


I got divorce a few months ago due to adultery on both parties. After the divorce I found myself lost and sinning, shame invades me. Since then I found refuge in the Bible, I have been reading it trying to understand the word. I am 26 years old, my question is since the Bible says to ask God to forgive your sin in the name of Jesus Christ and renounce your old ways and your sins will be forgotten so if I decide to remarry will I be committing adultery since I have been married before? Please help me because I am very confused and lost. God bless you, your family and your teaching.

Praise the Lord for the forgiveness that He gave you and gives to sinners when they come to Him after it. If you had been looking to read and believe the truth of the Scriptures before, your husband could have been received the Gospel, and you could have entered together in the New Covenant and would not have got to divorce. But now you can not turn time back.

Because you had not initiated the divorce before you entered the New Covenant and because the covenant of the first marriage is no longer valid since you divorced, you do not have a prohibition from God to marry now, being a Christian, but you can marry only a man who is a born-again child of God. But I advise you to do the following now.

I do not know if you went to tell your husband about the forgiveness that you have received. If not, call him and arrange to have a meeting with him to tell him what God has done in your life, about the forgiveness that you have found from God and that you also received the gift of eternal life. Give him a Bible and urge your husband to also enter the New Covenant.

If he becomes God’s child and is not yet married, it might be an opportunity to rebuild your marriage, if there is a mutual desire.

Among my disciples there are some families who have gone through such difficult situations and when one partner has returned to God, he shared the Gospel with the other one, who also chose to enter the New Covenant, then they rebuilt their marriage and now are very happy and fulfilled serving God together.

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Translated by Felicia Rotaru