Is it required a certificate that proves the affiliation to a local church when getting married?


Is there a certificate to confirm that I attend a particular church? When is it offered and by whom? Is this certificate necessary when two young people from different places want to get married and they attend the worship services in their localities?

The certificate is a written testimony and it is given when it is required somewhere. For example, when you go to the embassy to get visa for a particular state, if you say that you are a Christian and a member of a local church, they may require you this certificate. Then, if you go to the pastor, I’m sure you’ll get one. If you’re going to study in a theological institution, you are also required a certificate on your involvement in the local church.

Because Christians can marry only in the Lord, it is absolutely normal that the pastors and especially the pastor who will officiate the wedding ceremony may be interested in the spiritual condition of the young people who intend to marry. If he finds it necessary, he may request a certificate from the pastor of the bride or the groom, who comes from another village. He will do all these things for the good of those who marry and to preserve the sanctity of the Church of Christ.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru