Is it a sin to have a hysterectomy?


Is it a sin for a Christian to have a hysterectomy, even if it is done for health reasons, knowing that this will cause sterility?

A hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus. In some cases all of the reproductive organs may be removed, including the ovaries. In the USA, a hysterectomy is the second most common operation among women (first being the Cesarean section). Medical opinion states that a hysterectomy is necessary to stop the spread if cancer in the uterus ovaries, or cervix (when cancer is present and malignant). Also, a large number of hysterectomies are performed for other noncancerous reasons such as; uterine fibroid, excessive menstrual bleeding, and other medical problems of the reproductive system. Some physicians believe that there are other, less invasive measures that can be applied instead of a hysterectomy.

If a hysterectomy is performed to save the life of a woman suffering with cancer, or any other disease that is threatening her life, then I do not believe that we should accuse the person of sinning (neither the woman nor the doctor). If the operation is done for contraceptive purposes (which is hard for me to believe that a woman could go to such extremes for simple contraceptive) then that person needs to know what God says about contraceptives in the Bible.