What do you do when you do not know how to interpret a prophecy concerning your life?


God was saying that my house was burning from the bottom all the way to the top, and that I was wearing a white robe, that was only half finished. He told me to pray for God to be able to finish my dress. That is what was prophesied to me in a pentecostal church. 

 If what you are retelling me now is everything the message from the prophet included, I do no think we are talking about a prophecy at all here. This is rather manipulation and misleading. If you would have stumbled in any way, a true prophet would have come and would have specifically comfronted you about your sin, also showing you the way out. This is what true prophets do. Read for example, chapter 22 from 1 Kings and you will see what is the difference between true and false prophets. Observe the way Micah had spoken and the message that he conveyed from God. He clearly stated what was going to happen and why, and he also suggested to Ahab the solution. If Ahab would have taken his message into consideration, his life would have been preserved.

If we would talk about a true prophecy in your case, the prophet would have told you exactly what God was trying to communicate to you. These kind of prophecies, like in your case, are very similar to the so-called “prophecies” of the so-called pagen “prophets”, whose messages were so ambiguous, that they could have been seen as true no matter what happened, like in the case of the Oracle of Delphi. In 547 the Persians were at the border with Lydia, passed the river Halys. The messengers from Croesus asked if the King was supposed to cross the river Halys, in other words, if he was supposed to attack the Persians. Pythia’s answer, well-known to this day, was: “If the King Croesus crosses Halys, he will destroy a great empire!” Convinced that they meant the Persian Empire, Croesus crossed the river. He was defeated, captured and taken to the palace of Cyrus, and burned on a campfire. Pythia’s answer was very crafty, with no chances to be proved wrong: destroyed by Cyrus, Croesus ruined a great empire- his empire. And if he would have defeated Cyrus, he would have destroyed a great empire too- the Persian Empire. 

It is the same with this “prophesy” that is troubling and alarming you, which sounds more like the pagan practices, and is neither comforting, nor building up, nor rebuking, nor correcting, but bringing only fear and worry.

Put all your faith and hope in the Word of God, and examine your lives through its perspective. If the Holy Spirit is convicting you concerning any sin, then confess it, repent and live in obedience to God from now on.

Translated by Mihaela Florescu