Inductive Bible Study Seminar for young people in Charlotte

Anastasia Filat preda la seminarul tinerilor din Charlotte, NC

Last Saturday, on September 26th, I and my wife enjoyed to teach a Bible study seminar for young people from Romanian Baptist Church of Charlotte, NC.

Tineri la seminarul din Charlotte, NC

In March, when I was in this city, I received an invitation from Pastor Livius Percy to visit their church, where I preached and then pastor Liviu invited us to do this seminar with young people when we would visit the U.S. another time.

Livius Percy la seminarul cu tinerii din biserica pe care o păstoreşte.

We chose to teach at the seminar the new course translated into Romanian “What does the Bible say about sexuality?”. This is a course consisting of 6 lessons, 40 minutes each, without homework and it can be studied both in a seminar and in small Bible study groups, at Sunday school, in youth groups, camps, etc. Very well designed, the course covers basic biblical teachings about sexuality and how we should relate today to challenges and post-modernist influences of the world in which we live, so that we might live in holiness. We recommend to study this course in churches with the young people and teenagers from their families.

Ştefan Sinegur, Valera Vizitiu şi Valera la seinarul din Charlotte, NC

I rejoiced when I saw at the seminar brothers Stephen, Valeriu and Vitalie, who came from Ralley. Valeriu Vizitiu is my countryman and he was my disciple in the Taekwon-Do Club, where he found the way to salvation and became a disciple of Christ, following the Bible studies that we have done. Now, he is a minister in the church from Ralley and I enjoyed that at the end of the seminar he came to take 20 books to do such a seminar which the young people from the church that he ministers.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru