The Inductive Bible study Institute of Moldova’s inaugural Festival is over

During the period of July 30 to August 4, in Moldova, we celebrated the inaugural Inductive Bible study institute festival for 2012. Our celebration was greatly enhanced by the presence of our dear teachers and directors of Precept Ministries Eurasia, Mia and Costel Oglice. There were participants from all over Moldova, fellow believers who love the Word of God and study It according to the inductive method.

There were also many participants from other countries at the festival, such as, USA, Ukraine, Russia, and all of the students from our international coaches’ training school for missionaries, which has people from 13 different countries.

Mia and Costel taught a Bible study course while at the festival, “Lord, spare Your people”, which is based on the minor prophet books of Obediah and Joel. This was a great study because of the deep truths revealed and the relevance of the message. We studied such topics as fasting, the dangers of being prideful and arrogant as a leader, how to live as we patiently await the Day of the Lord etc.

Every evening, a branch of the Inductive Bible study institute would present a different ministry. At the moment, IBS in Moldova has branches in Chișinău, Cupcini, Colibași, Taraclia, Sângerei. Also, there were presentations from the many other ministries that use IBS as part of their ministry methods.

Another important event that took place during the festival was a graduation ceremony. Twenty diligent, hardworking students received diplomas as graduates from the 9 sessions of the Inductive Bible Study Institute. These students are from Moldova and Kyrgystan.

The president of the Baptist Union of Moldova, John Miron, was also present for the graduation ceremony. He challenged the students to continue serving the Lord in their countries based on the gifts that God has equipped them with via the Institute.

Several professors/trainers also graduated from the Institute; Alexandra Grejdieru, Radu Blendarencu, Vasile Rusnac

Along with studying the Bible, each participant also had a great time of fellowship with others and spending time with our leaders, Mia and Costel Oglice as well as with Vasile Filat, who worked hard to organize this festival.

All who were present for the festival were excited to learn that in 2013, there will be another Inductive Bible Study Institute Festival. The dates are the 29 of July to the 3 of August.

Translation by: Erik Brewer